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1) How big is your burnt cheesecake?

-Our cheesecake size is 7 inches and serves approximately 8-10 pax.

2) Is your cheesecake halal certified?

-We are not halal certified. However, note that we do not use pork or lard.

3) How do i store the cake?

-Please keep refrigerated.

(Do not store it at room temperature)

4) How long will the cake last?

-For fresh-tasting cakes, you can keep them for a maximum of 4 days.


1) How many days in advance do i need to preorder my cake?

-We will need 3 days in advance to prepare your cake.
(Visit our order page to find out about our pre-order schedule)

2) Can i order for the same delivery address but on different dates?

-Yes, you can, you will need to place two seperate orders. Note that the delivery charges will be charged twice based on seperate orders.

3) Can i order for multiple locations?

-Yes, you can. You will need to place seperate orders for each location. Please note that each cake delivered to each location will be chargeable for delivery.

4) How do i make payment?

-Once your order is successfully placed, please make payment via PayNow within 2 hours.

(Kindly please fill in your order number for the payment description. We also seek your understanding that we will release your pre-order slot if payment is not made in two hours to allow others to have the slot)

5) How do i know if my order is confirmed?

-Once your order is successfully paid, you will received an order confirmation via email within 24 hours. Please whatsapp us if you did not receive any confirmation.

6) Can i change the delivery date/ timing/ location for my order?

-We apologise that once your order is confirmed, we are unable to make any changes.
(Do check to ensure that the address is correct when you placed the order)



1) Can i request my order to be delivered at a specific time range?

-Yes, you certainly can. However, there will be a surcharge for that.
(Do check with us about this when you order our cakes)

2) What if i'm not around when the delivery arrives?

-It is best if you ensure that someone is there to receive your order during the delivery time range, if the recipient is not around, our couriers will leave the order outside the door.

-For condominiums, if you are uncontactable and our courier is unable to reach your unit, the order might be forfeited without replacement or refunds. We seek your understanding as re-delivery is difficult to arrange.

3) What are the delivery charges?

-Our standard delivery is $15 (except indicated district zone/ areas).

(You can refer to DELIVERY page for more information)

Here at TSM La Pasteleria, we bake all our cakes with love. We want to get your cake to you so you can savour each bite. So, we hope you take note of the above as it will make each transaction smoother and you can enjoy your cakes!

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